Bailey’s Budding Naturalists

Bailey's vision to improve children's education through direct, personal contact with the natural world has never been more relevant to our society than today, and the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum has never been so active in promoting those ideals in our communities than now.


Bailey gardened to further the science of horticulture, but he also gardened because he loved it. He implicitly understood the deep connection that the simple act of gardening fostered between the individual and the natural world, and we continue to promote that connection through our gardens and programs at the Bailey Museum.

Sustainable Agriculture

For Liberty Hyde Bailey, sustainability in farming went hand in hand with the cultivation of rural American life and identity. The Country-Life Movement was a twin sister to the Conservation Movement. At the Bailey Museum, we celebrate our southwest Michigan rural heritage alongside our educational efforts to spread the latest knowledge about a more sustainable food system for everyone.

The Holy Earth

The agrarian tradition runs as an undercurrent through the entire history of literature, carrying the age-old wisdom that the necessary access of independent farmers to their own land both requires the responsibility of good stewardship and provides the foundation for a thriving civilization.