A talk: Why we built a house powered by Wind and Sun, by Maynard Kaufman

September 23, 2016 at 3:22 pm


Author, farmer and philosopher Maynard Kaufman will present a talk and tour on Thursday, October 20 at the Railroad Cafe in Bangor at 4:30.  A carpool will gather at the museum at 3:30 then travel together to Bangor.

Kaufman will discuss his home, Sunflower, that utilizes the sun and wind for its energy needs and give a tour after.  The home is ‘off the grid’ and self sufficient. for more information see michiganlandtrust.org/Sunflower 

Maynard Kaufman and Barbara Geisler built Sunflower in 2001 after Kaufman retired from Western Michigan University where he was a professor of Environmental Studies.  He and Geisler farmed and have been involved in Green Politics groups as far back as 1987 and were eager to live more independently and in harmony with nature without contributing to global pollution. They also operated an organic farm and taught farming.

Building a house that used renewable sources of energy was a natural step forward for them.

Their home uses solar panels, a wind turbine, a masonry stove and hydronic floor heat.  It has electrical storage capacity to manage the flow of power.  These and other features will be discussed on the tour.

Participants will travel in a carpool from The Bailey Museum at 3:30 on October 20 to Bangor’s Railroad Café for food, drinks and an informal talk on why they use renewable energy at 4:30.  After that we will continue on to Sunflower.

Please sign-up with the museum by Friday, October 14 for this free event.  Contact The Bailey Museum, 269-637-3251 or info@libertyhydebailey.org.


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